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Why Babymocs?

Why Babymocs? 

BabyMocs is the first vegan children's brand in the world - founded in Sweden. 
All BabyMocs products are made of vegan materials – no 🐮, only 🌱🍍♻️ for 👶🏼👣

Is the quality really good being all vegan?
We never design and produce a product that we would not want our own children to wear, all day, every day and by many children/piece. But don't listen to us, our customers say it better! Check out the customer reviews for feedback about the product you are interested in. 

Why is this better than other alternatives? 

Before 2030, we as a joint world team must reduce global warming by reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 50% over the next eight years - so that the children of the earth can live their lives in a climate-functioning world.
2 out of 5 pairs of shoes being manufactured today in the world are made from animal leather. Did you know that the animal leather industry causes six times as much negative environmental impact than aviation and is the third worst polluting industry in the world? 

Using materials that are kind to the environment and where no animals has suffocated is a no-brainer for us and we hope that you would like to try out some of our alternatives to animal leather shoes & accessories! 

Why Babymocs?